Lay’s and Swiss Chalet team up to create the ultimate Canadian chip

Lay’s and Swiss Chalet team up to create the ultimate Canadian chip

Brace yourselves Canadian chip lovers! For the first time ever, Canadians will have the chance to enjoy the savoury Chalet sauce they love on the country’s favourite potato chips. Lay’s and Swiss Chalet have partnered to bring Canadians a truly Canadian delicacy, Lay’s Chalet Sauce potato chips.

“Lay’s is constantly in pursuit of new flavours to excite Canadian chip lovers and Lay’s Chalet Sauce potato chips are no different,” says Shereen Yasseen, Senior Director of Marketing – Frito-Lay Core & Global Brands, PepsiCo Foods Canada. “This creation combines a classic Canadian flavour with Canada’s favourite potato chips made from homegrown potatoes, giving our fans a new way to enjoy a taste they love.”

Swiss Chalet’s secret recipe sauce has been a staple with Canadian families since 1954, developing a cult like following where Canadians will do just about anything for (and with) the signature dipping sauce – drink it with a straw, swim in it, even bathe in it. It was this fanatical love of the sauce that inspired Lay’s and Swiss Chalet to create the most Canadian chip ever.

“Partnering with Lay’s was a natural extension for our brand,” says Lindsay Robinson, Director of Marketing – Swiss Chalet, Cara Operations Limited. “We pride ourselves on being Canadian, from our 62 year foot print, to our product quality story and heritage, and our friendly “home away from home” service. This uniquely Canadian potato chip was the perfect way to bring two iconic Canadian flavours to the masses in a new and exciting way.”

Canadian Chalet sauce lovers need to mark their calendars. Beginning September 2016, Lay’s Chalet Sauce potato chips are only available in-restaurant at participating Swiss Chalet restaurants while quantities last. The potato chips will be available in 255g bags and 40g bags.

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