Keep It Moving with the new Smirnoff Electric Flavours

Keep It Moving with the new Smirnoff Electric Flavours

What could an 87-year-young great-grandmother and Smirnoff have in common? They are determined to showcase how the world can become more inclusive through the platforms of dance and music.

Smirnoff introduces its new line of Premium Vodka Beverages (Coolers), Smirnoff Electric Flavours, meant for fun, high-energy occasions. This new beverage option is non-carbonated so it will not weigh consumers down and packaged in a can so that adult consumers can enjoy Smirnoff Electric Flavours – the perfect complement to dancing at festivals and high energy events.

To launch the product, Smirnoff has created the Keep It Moving campaign that shines a light on an 87-year-old festival lover, Baddie Winkle (@baddiewinkle).

Baddie truly embodies what it means to be part of the ageless, inclusive electronic music community by being an avid festivalgoer who is always the star of the dance floor:

“Life’s too short to stop having fun and dancing. I don’t let anything in my life slow me down,” said Smirnoff mover, Baddie Winkle. “I break it down on the dance floor when I go to electronic music festivals, so there’s nothing that will keep me from moving.”

“Smirnoff Electric Flavours are a new Premium Vodka Beverage that fit into any high-energy occasion – from music festivals to a day spent out with friends by the beach or backyard,” said Joel Mallard, Director of Beer, Wine & RTD Beverages at Diageo Canada. “We uncovered that what adult millennials wanted was a product that was not carbonated with a mildly sweet taste. Smirnoff responded with Smirnoff Electric Flavours. The Keep It Moving campaign was designed to celebrate inclusivity with a particular focus on dance as the ultimate platform where everybody can be included.”

The new product is offered in three vibrant flavours in Canada: Smirnoff Electric Orange™, Smirnoff Electric Berry™ and Smirnoff Electric Citrus™. Adult consumer trends, especially among adult millennials, show that they are looking for non-carbonated beverages with a mildly sweet taste. In response, Smirnoff Electric Flavours created vibrant non-carbonated, premium vodka beverages. Smirnoff Electric Flavours are best enjoyed chilled – a Premium Vodka Beverage offering at 5.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) – and available nationally in 4-packs of 355ml slim cans.

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