Exclusive A5 Olive Fed Wagyu Experience at Sidecut Steakhouse, Four Seasons Whistler

Nestled within the luxurious Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler, Sidecut Steakhouse unveils a gastronomic experience: The Chef’s Tasting Menu by Executive Chef Sajish Kumar Das. This extraordinary offering centers around a rare and coveted delicacy, the A5 Olive Fed Wagyu, available exclusively at Sidecut Steakhouse in Canada.

From the moment you are seated, the evening begins with a delightful amuse bouche, a seasonal chef’s choice. Accompanied by homemade sourdough and condiments, including seasoned bone marrow butter, extra virgin olive oil, and 12-month-old balsamic, the meal starts on a high note.

For the starter, you are presented with a choice between the Hand-Cut Prime Beef Tartare and the Hokkaido Scallop and Carabinero Prawn Duo. The beef tartare is a luxurious blend of prime beef, parsley mayonnaise, Cabernet Sauvignon balsamic reduction, cured quail egg yolk, Kristal caviar, and a sprinkle of 24-karat gold leaf. This dish is as visually stunning as it is delicious. Alternatively, the scallop and prawn duo is adorned with sea urchin mayonnaise, yuzu emulsion, and sturgeon caviar.

The menu transitions seamlessly from land to sea with two exquisite options. The Nova Scotia Lobster and King Crab Risotto is a luxurious choice, with samphire and a crunchy crust of lumpfish roe adding texture and depth. Meanwhile, the BC Sablefish, elegantly rolled in zucchini ribbons with razor clams and wild shrimp, is elevated by a seaweed essence and squid emulsion.

The highlight of the tasting menu is undoubtedly the Olive Fed A5 Wagyu. This rare steak, sourced from Shodoshima Island in Japan’s Kagawa prefecture, is renowned for its exceptional marbling and delicate texture, attributed to the cattle’s unique diet of caramelized, dehydrated and roasted olive mash. Chef Kumar presents two sumptuous preparations: the Olive Fed A5 Wagyu, accompanied by 5J Jamon Ibérico, black truffle potato fondant, rainbow carrots, and veal marrow sauce, and the A5 Wagyu Striploin Rossini, paired with seared foie gras, black truffle, Parisienne turnips, and Bordelaise sauce. Olive Fed A5 Wagyu is an extraordinary beef boasting a well-balanced flavour with earthy umami notes and a subtle sweetness.

The grand finale is a decadent Grand Marnier Dark Chocolate Flambé, featuring a coffee-orange ganache and crunchy cacao nibs. This dessert is a perfect end to a memorable meal.

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