Earth’s Own The Plant Challenge: The single biggest thing you can do for our planet starts on your plate?

Did you know that the single biggest thing you can do to protect our planet has nothing to do with the three Rs or using less plastic? It turns out, it’s all about what’s on your plate. It’s pretty simple actually – the biggest thing we can do as individuals to help fight climate change is to reconsider our diets and eat plant-based. Get this; if everyone shifted to a plant-based diet, we could feed the world with a 50% smaller carbon footprint, 75% less land use and 20% less water use. Those are some pretty staggering numbers!

To celebrate Earth Day, Earth’s Own – a Canadian plant-based milk brand with a passion for sustainability – is asking Canadians to take The Plant Challenge and commit to eating plant-based on Earth Day (and ideally beyond – but let’s take it one day at a time). To get involved, all someone needs to do is visit @earthsowncanada on Instagram, share their call-to-action post and tag up to 5 friends to take the challenge with you. From there, it’s as easy as eating plant-based meals all day on Earth Day! Also, for every share of their post, Earth’s Own will be donating 25 cents (up to $25k) to The Plant Project – funding future plant-based sustainability projects and initiatives.

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