CLIF Bar new BLOKS Salted Watermelon provides quick energy and extra fuel

CLIF BLOKS provide quick energy and extra fuel for cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, triathletes and adventure racers. Each BLOCKS come in chewable, 35-calorie cubes which makes it easy to customize and track your intake while training and racing. For a quick energy boost, have 3 to 6 BLOKS every hour and always follow with water. Plus, they are simple to handle, easy to chew, and provide similar nutrition to CLIF SHOT Energy Gel.

CLIF Bar recently launched a new flavour Salted Watermelon. It’s refreshing sweet and salty with 2x the sodium for your body’s electrolyte needs. When you sweat, you start to deplete your electrolyte stores and experience a performance decline, so it’s best to help replenish it during your activity.

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