Catelli Pasta 150th anniversary Recipe Collection

This year, Catelli Pasta and Canada turn 150 years together. Canadian families have evolved. The definition of ‘family’ has changed. Blended, single-parent and multiethnic families are part of Canada’s modern mosaic and families extend beyond traditional relatives. For Canadians today, family means the people they trust, support, love, and want to spend time with.

“We’ve been inspired by families across Canada for the past 150 years,” says Claire Labrom, Brand Manager for Catelli Pasta. “Family is why we do what we do – what motivates us to create wholesome meals Canadians can connect over. So for us, the best way to celebrate our shared birthday is to say thank you by reuniting Canadians with the people that inspire them, just as Canadian families have inspired us.”

Catelli wants to reunite Canadian families and the best memories are often shared over good food. Catelli launched the 150th Anniversary Recipe Collection, a round-up of 12 delicious, Canadian-based recipes that families can make at home.

“As a chef, I love the idea of family reunions, especially when it combines local tastes and regional specialties,” says Toronto celebrity Chef, Cory Vitiello. “Developing this recipe collection alongside my fellow network chefs and foodies has been a special experience, as the recipes are literally inspired by what Canadians are telling us. This recipe collection gives families from coast-to-coast the tools they need to create guaranteed delicious and tried and true recipes made with favourite regional ingredients they can be proud to serve no matter where they live.”

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