Campbell’s Condensed Soup – Real Food, Real Changes

Campbell’s Condensed Soup - Real Food, Real Changes

Some of the red and white Condensed soup cans that have been a pantry staple in Canadian kitchens for 85 years are about to undergo a major change. Committed to making products filled with real ingredients that Canadians can be proud to serve their families, the Campbell Company of Canada is embarking on a journey to overhaul its Condensed soup product line-up, starting this August with its Great for Cooking soups. Listening to changing consumer needs, Campbell Canada has made changes to its Campbell’s Great for Cooking Condensed soups to ensure they contain ingredients consumers can recognize, and the complete portfolio of Campbell’s products contains no artificial flavours and colours. In addition, the company has made a big step in sharing with consumers what goes into the food, and why, on its newly launched website.

Consumers have been asking for choices and Campbell Canada listened – as of August 2016 the company reformulated it’s Great for Cooking Condensed soups, comprised of 19 varieties, to remove any added monosodium glutamate, while still maintaining a great taste. Campbell Canada continues to make changes based on what consumers are looking for, and by mid-2017 it will become BPA free in all canned products.

Campbell’s Great for Cooking Condensed soups start with real, wholesome ingredients – from local Ontario carrots and homegrown Canadian potatoes to lean chicken and vine-ripened tomatoes harvested at their peak to ensure maximum flavour.

“We believe real food should be made with recognizable, desirable ingredients from plants or animals. It should be responsibly crafted using ethical sourcing and sustainable practices that safeguard natural resources. Real food should be safe, delicious and available at a fair price—all three without compromise,” says Moya Brown, VP of Marketing. “We are proud of these changes we’re making on the inside of the can, and excited to introduce a number of new and flavourful varieties to our Great for Cooking Condensed soup product line-up.”

As Canadians’ tastes continue to evolve, so too does Campbell’s product lineup. Whether eaten as a soup or used as the perfect ingredient for easy and delicious dishes, Campbell’s Great For Cooking Condensed Soups have introduced some exciting new flavours:

NEW Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Great For Cooking Condensed Soup
– A savoury and sweet combination, this new soup variety is made with real roasted red peppers and tomatoes harvested only at their peak for maximum flavour

NEW Cream of Bacon Great For Cooking Condensed Soup
– Real cream and bacon infuses this delicious soup with an incredibly rich flavour combination

NEW No Salt Added Great for Cooking Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken Condensed Soups
– In an effort to provide consumers choices, Campbell’s now offers no salt-added versions of its classic Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken varieties

New packaging for the entire Campbell’s Condensed soup portfolio of products emphasizes the ways condensed soups can be incorporated into meals as an ingredient – in addition to eating it as a soup – rather than as a standalone product. The objective is to make it easier for consumers to “shop the shelf” and find the flavours they are looking for based on their eating or cooking occasion. Campbell Canada is supporting the product launch with an extensive multi-media marketing campaign that includes TV, digital video, social and shopper marketing programs, as part of its Masterbrand We All Soup campaign.

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