Suitsupply Spring Summer 2014 Preview

There’s a reason they’re called the Masters. Seventeenth century Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer were the purveyors of innovative lighting techniques, playing with color to produce brilliant displays of earthy tones and rich textures. The Old Masters’ technique exquisitely brought out the structure of the luxurious fabrics of their day, as seen in paintings like the Jewish Bride and the famous Night Watch.

Due to ten years of renovations, however, these historic pieces could not be seen in their full glory. With the national gallery’s recent reopening, Suitsupply found inspiration for the new collection in Rembrandt’s famous shades and colors like flake white, bone black, vermilion and umber.

Suitsupply Spring Summer 2014 Preview 1

Suitsupply Spring Summer 2014 Preview 2

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