S.E.H Silver-brown two-fleece-twill SB2 jacket

S.E.H Silver-brown two-fleece-twill SB2 jacket

The cloth is a birdseye twill, made with the organic and undyed fleece of heritage sheep: the black-brown is Hebridean, and the silver is elderly Hebridean (sheep do indeed go grey). The cloth makes for a sturdy jacket which with time will adapt to the shape and joints of the wearer.

The jacket has wide, deep pockets on either side at the front. They are covered with a large curved-off flap, and the pocket-bag is stitched through to the front, creating a faint outline over the cloth. There is a smaller version of the same sort of pocket at the chest, on the left-hand side as worn.

The jacket has a working cuff of two buttons, with the cuff gently curved at the end, mirroring the lapel. The sleeves themselves are fairly narrow, and are lined with a mid-weight military twill for the unhindered sliding in and out of the arms.

The jacket has a half-lining of school-grey wool-melton, which is a very fine outer-cloth in its own right. This lining extends quite low, to the lower back. Below that, and elsewhere on the jacket, the seams are bound in school-grey cotton, which gives the jacket internals a clean and neat sort of finish.

There is a single internal pocket on the inside, on the left-hand side as worn. Best not to over-complicate things.

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