S.E.H Kelly Granite-grey Tetris-tweed peacoat

S.E.H Kelly Granite-grey Tetris-tweed peacoat

The peacoat is, in most ways, a traditional peacoat — double-breasted, ten-button front, middling length — but it has a softer and more fitted shape. It also has a large collar, which is cut to hug the neck and has gently rounded corners, along with relaxed shoulders, and narrow sleeves.

The collar of the peacoat is cut to hug the back and sides of the neck, and then fall smoothly — not crumpled, not reluctantly, not limp and concave — at the front. It has also been given sufficient structure so that it may be worn up, down, or anywhere in between, and still hold its overall shape.

The peacoat has pointed cuff straps, and deep patch-pockets, the flaps of which have curved corners. These pockets are dual-use: they may be accessed from the top or as “warmer” slouch pockets from the side. Above them sit small cigarette pockets, with button-loop fastening.

The cloth is a mid-weight tweed, woven in County Donegal in north-west Ireland by a father-and-son mill. It is what’s known as a one-plus-one box weave, with two colours on the warp and one on the weft. Donegal being Donegal, the colours are made up of many different tones, thus each jacket is unique.

The melton lining is a very dense cloth, adding signficantly to the warmth of the coat. There is a large pocket on the lower right-side and a chest pocket opposite. Backing buttons are all horn, and are made in the Midlands — just like the umpteen other buttons on the coat.

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