Review: SCAROSSO Guilardo Marrone boots (Holiday Gift Guide)

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What’s not to love about a boot that you can easily wear to a business meeting or to a concert? It can add a bit of polish to your look. Courtesy of Scarosso, I’m reviewing the SCAROSSO Guilardo Marrone boots. The Guilardo Marron is a full brogue laced boot made from dark brown calf leather sourced from the South of France. Like all SCAROSSO shoes, it is made using the finest calfskin leather upper and features a pull on loop and a brown inner lining & insole. Each boots are produced in Italy by experience craftsmen.

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As standard, the boots comes in a sturdy black box, 2 set of wax round laces, 1 blue dust bag and 1 shoe horn.

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History of SCAROSSO

In 2010, Marco Reiter and Moritz Offeney founded SCAROSSO during their MBA at Bocconi University in Milan. The concept of SCAROSSO is provide the best value for beautiful Italian made shoes. By cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with the producers and customers, SCAROSSO can price their shoes far more competitively than other high quality shoes at the department stores.

All SCAROSSO shoes are hand made in Montegranaro, the heart of Italy shoe region, by talented artisans. To date, SCAROSSO has expanded to 70 employees and has has established the LIBERATED LUXURY concept. Robert Polet, who was the former CEO of Gucci Group, is considered revolutionary in the fashion industry, have tripled SCAROSSO operating profit in just 7 years. In 2014, he then became an investor, consultant and independent member of the Supervisory Board at SCAROSSO.

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Transparent Pricing

SCAROSSO offer the best value because they don’t wholesale to 3rd party retailers. SCAROSSO sell directly to the customer and therefore can sell a higher quality shoe at a lower price. SCAROSSO founders, Macro Reiter and Moritz Offeney, are changing the luxury market by being transparent on their price and providing the best customer service. For example, a high quality shoes can easily cost €450 at the department store but a SCAROSSO version without any markup is only €200.

SCAROSSO is part of a new wave of e-commerce companies that are trying to build premium brands at discount prices by cutting out middlemen and going straight to manufacturers. The result is generally cheaper products for consumers and higher profit margins for the companies.

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Full brogue

The history of the brogue shoe originated in Ireland and Scotland. The shoes were made of thick leather and the perforations went through the leather to let the water drain.

A full brogues is characterized by a toe cap that comes to a point in the centre and spreads out toward the sides of the shoes, in a shape that somewhat resembles wings. It features broguing along its edges as well as decorative broguing in the centre of the toe cap called the Medallion. Full brogues are one of most versatile dress shoes as they can look good with everything from suits to jeans.

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All SCAROSSO shoes are manufactured in Montegranaro, Italy by experienced shoemakers. Every pair are handcrafted and use the highest materials sourced in Italy and France. The leather are manufactured by Bonaudo SRL who also supplies to the majority of luxury brands such as Hermes.

Both the inner and outer leather, as well as, the soles are made from genuine leather, which is highly elastic, flexible and resistance to wear and tear. The leather is produced from the hide of a calf and is very soft with no fine grain.

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Beside running a successful fashion brand, SCAROSSO’s co-founders Marco Reiter and Moritz Offeney are passionate philanthropies. SCAROSSO donate shoes and raise funds for the Instituto Ascender & Bolsa Escuola scholarship program in Brazil. The goal of Instituto Ascender is to provide young people with educational and career resources.

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I’m a size 11 US on the Brannok device. Following the SCAROSSO sizing chart, 43.5 fits well. Although, the midfoot was a little snug at first. During the break-in period, the leather mould to my feet. Within a couple of wears, the boots are very comfortable and offer great support throughout the day.

Guilardo Marrone boots are double stitched, also known as Blake Rapid. The insole is stitched through to the outer sole and the inner and midsole are connected together with a single row stitch. Despite the stitching being visible along the outer sole, the boots maintain an elegant silhouette.

If you have any questions, SCAROSSO has excellent customer service via email or live chat to help you during your ordering process.

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Perfect for the Fall and Winter months, the full anti-slip Vibram soles provide reliable and secure traction while walking on wet & slippery surface.

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Every guy should own at least a pair of full brogue boots. The boots are perfect for both casual or dressier occasions. The sleek silhouette is a winning mix of suit-ready elegance and smart casual. You can pair the boots with your worsted wool grey suit or dress it down with chinos and a cashmere sweater. A full brogue boot is undoubtedly a menswear classic.

At €249, SCAROSSO Guilardo Marrone is a solid dress boot plus its 100% hand made by Italian artisans. The quality of the leather is amazing, soft and supple. The leather will develop a beautiful patina over time.


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    Thank you very much for the review! It is very helpful, especially pictures. I’m considering to buy those shoes and have a question. Are they your day to day shoes, or at least are you using them from time to time? ..or were they given only for a review? I wonder how they last in normal use, how reliable are they? Thank you for any responce! Cheers.

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