Review: Reebok ZQUICK dash running shoes

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A new year, a new you! Many of us made resolutions to spend more quality time with friends and family and get in better shape. For 2015, my fitness goal is to run my first marathon. For the past 8 months, I’ve been running regularly at least 3-4 times a week. Courtesy of Reebok, I’ve wear tested the new ZQUICK Dash – in foggy grey, black, solar green & white. The lightweight running shoes feature NanoWeb technology for lock in support and Z-Rated midsole for soft, responsive ride.

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Midsole / Outsole

Inspired by the high-performance tires they are named after, the ZQUICK running shoes are made for speed. The outsole offer great support and ground feel without adding unnecessary weight. To help reduce the overall weight, Reebok strategically place CRTek high abrasion rubber only to high-wear areas in the toe and heel. These areas are where most runners tend to strike first and have the most contact on the road.

The flexible groove pattern midsole gives you freedom of motion and respond to how your foot naturally move. Even after a long run, the midsole and outsole combo offer a soft and responsive ride. It doesn’t skimp on comfort and my feet never feel fatigue.

Like a sport car with a lower ride height, these shoes put my foot fairly close to the ground with a heel to toe drop of 4mm. It help minimized the pounding during longer runs.

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The ultra light mesh fit my foot like a glove and the NanoWeb technology moulded to my foot. My feet was keep cool due the single layer open mesh which allows plenty of airflow.

The toebox is roomy and allow many different types of feet to feel comfortable. While the no-sew upper and bootie fit system lock down your foot and allow you to go sockless easily.

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Put simply, I love the fit of the ZQUICK. The upper actually feels like a second skin and molds to your foot. The molded, heel cup allow for better lockdown in the heel and less excess material to get in the way for a truer fit. The shoe fit true to size and require no break in period. I’ve opted for my brannock size 11.5.

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The ZQUICK Dash is a new running shoe that takes a very different approach to what other brands are doing. The two unique feature are the NanoWeb technology and Z-Rated midsole. NanoWeb help secure your foot during your stride and lateral movement. While, the Z-Rated midsole support and flex with your foot for a more natural ride. I really enjoy running on the ZQUICK. It’s a solid performer and become my go-to daily trainer. It’s a perfect combination of speed and comfort.

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