People Footwear – New Footwear Brand Takes You Feet First Into The Future!

People Footwear

Canadian entrepreneur Damian Van Zyll De Jong officially launches People Footwear, a Vancouver-based footwear brand producing the next generation of classic casual footwear. With a view to reinvigorate the global footwear market, People kicks off the international launch of its Spring/Summer ’15 collection here in Canada.

“The focus is lightweight materials, supreme comfort, and timeless style,” states De Jong. “People Footwear offers a contemporary design stripped down to its simplest form. From construction to production, nothing is wasted and everything is streamlined. That process of simplification and reinventing classic styles has created footwear for the future.”

People produces comfortable, quality footwear made from the latest technology. Constructed from People’s own performance molded foam known as Skylite Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), their shoes are the epitome of comfort. “Our shoes are inspired from famed classic casuals of eras past so they have a familiar silhouette, but we’ve combined that aesthetic with our cutting edge technology to create an exciting look and feel,” says De Jong. “We dare you to pick them up and give them a try – you’ll be hard pressed to come across a lighter shoe.”

People isn’t just tipping the scales when it comes to lighter shoes, they’ve also introduced the DreamKnit collection which is the first of its kind in the casual footwear market. Using a high-tech digital knitting machine each pair takes one hour to digitally knit using multiple spools of thread to create a unique look and feel (and reduces waste!). “This is the first casual shoe of its kind – our DreamKnit collection will help change the future of footwear production,” raves De Jong.

What else inspires People Footwear? Well, people, of course. People is comprised of believers. They trust in the collective spirit and transformative power of human beings, including themselves. The brand has categorized itself as high-performance leisure, meaning they aim to perfect the art of relaxation and engaging in leisurely and pleasurable activities – something people everywhere can enjoy. “People footwear is made by the people for the people. We set out to create shoes that allow people all over the globe, regardless of gender, age or religion, to lay back and kick it with their Peoples.”

People Footwear is heading feet first into the future and the sky’s the limit!


People Footwear Phillips

The Phillips is a hybrid interpretation of a the original sneaker and features a Skylite Ethyl EVA Outsole, a 3D-printed mesh upper, color-matched laces, and a removable SuperCush EVA Sockliner. SuperCush, made of compression-molded low-density EVA, is supremely shock-absorbing and adapts to the shape of the wearers foot for maximum comfort.


People Footwear Stanley


The Stanley is a hybrid interpretation of a classic casual deck shoe and features a Skylite EVA Outsole, a 3D-printed mesh upper, color-matched laces, and a removable SuperCush EVA Sockliner.


People Footwear Lennon1



The Lennon is a hybrid dual-strap sandal and features a dual-density Skylite EVA Outsole and a micro-fiber lined PU nubuck strap with adjustable painted-metal buckles.


People Footwear Senna



The Senna is a fully-molded driving moccasin and features Skylite EVA Outer with a fixed SuperCush EVA Sockliner, rubber traction pods, and removable laces.

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