Number 288 Unveils Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Number 288 Unveils Spring:Summer 2015 Collection 4

New York-based men’s studio, Number 288 (, is pleased to introduce their second collection of contemporary footwear for Spring 2015. Expanding on the brand’s core ethos of producing shoes of the highest quality craftsmanship, co-founders Jung Suh and Benyam Assefa put forth a refreshing addition of hues and textures to the classic collection of slip-ons, low-tops and high tops for Spring 2015.

Designed in New York and produced in Portugal, Spring 2015 is a seamless evolution from Number 288’s classically inspired debut collection. Featuring the brand’s signature II VIII VIII logo stitched into the back of each shoe and unique design elements like off-center laces, Spring 2015 puts forth up a perfect array of casual men’s footwear styles for all occasions.

Number 288’s core silhouettes from the debut Fall 2014 collection see an update in textures for Spring 2015. Featuring new materials like saffron suede, pony hair, Nubuck leather and de-constructed/unlined leathers, Spring 2015 is the epitome of balance between relaxed and refined. Styles like the Houston in black pony hair offer a perfect solution for day-to-night transitional wear, while new additions like the Grand in off-white are ideal for casual weekend wear. Unlined leather construction in styles like the Mulberry high-top and Prince low-top further add to the overall laid-back vibe of the new collection.

Expanding on the brand’s signature minimal color palate, Number 288 also adds an array of new colors to the range. An infusion of matte grey and light mustard (Lion) offers a nice contrast to the brand’s signature navy, black and off-white palate. The minimal palate allows the textures used throughout to speak for themselves, while contrast detailing in all of the soles allows each unique color to pop.

Utilizing a subtle infusion of colors, textures and details, Number 288’s second collection is a perfect progression of the brand’s understated style, which teeters on the edge of classic and rugged. The brand’s multidisciplinary approach and high quality finished product is a fresh alternative to the needs of the market today.

The Number 288 Spring/Summer 2015 collection will range in price from $350 to 580, and will be available at retailers such as LN-CC (London), Gentry (Brooklyn), Bodega (Boston).

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