New “Virtual Stylist” gives shoppers unique fashion experience at Oakridge Centre

New Virtual Stylist gives shoppers unique fashion experience at Oakridge Centre

There’s a new face at Oakridge Centre – it’s the face of fashion and style expert Susie Wall, in “virtual” form. Employing 3M’s advanced Vikuiti Rear Projection Film technology, “Virtual Susie Wall” was installed at Oakridge Centre on April 4th to provide customers with a unique, informative and interactive fashion experience.

“It has been a great experience bringing this model to life, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers and retailers a unique experience they won’t find anywhere else,” said Karina Perkins, Marketing Director at Oakridge. “With this technology, it will appear as though the model is engaging with customers as they walk past.”

Shannon Ronalds, of Vancouver-based video production company ODPN, first heard about this new technology six months ago and started playing around with unique and innovative ways to work with it. “This is the next level of experiential marketing, and I’m excited to continue to develop and use it in new ways,” he said. Ronalds and his team developed the “Virtual Presenter” in partnership with Oakridge, and debuted it at TEDx in Stanley Park last month to resounding acclaim.

The new Virtual Stylist adds an engaging element to the shopping experience at Oakridge, by “talking” to passersby, showing different outfits and accessories, and letting shoppers know what participating retailers have to offer at their stores. This season, Virtual Susie changes through five different outfits, transitioning and talking about each piece of clothing, brand and accessory. Oakridge will install the Virtual Stylist at the start of each fashion season so that customers can stay informed about new trends and where to find them within the shopping centre.

First developed by 3M, Vikuity Rear Projection Film technology brings to life a thin, cutout of a model by diffusing a rear-projected light into millions of nano-sized glass beads and focusing onto one small point, producing a clear, high-contrast image. The cutout can be any shape and size, and provides endless opportunities for a fun and engaging experience with customers.

Oakridge Centre
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