Hollywood Stylist Sophie Lopez Shares Pro Tips For The Holidays

Sophie Lopez, go-to stylist for Hollywood leading ladies such as Kate Hudson, Malin Akerman, and Christie Brinkley, brings her celebrity styling secrets to Canadians this month. Lopez, as LG’s newest ambassador, talks Holiday glamour, celebrity styling techniques and the art of clothing care.

“When you’re working with a celebrity client base, you’re dealing with a broad range of clothing styles – from casual, everyday outfits to outrageously expensive red carpet gowns,” says Lopez. “When your wardrobe itself is a big investment, clothing care be-comes a top priority. When LG approached me to be ambassador for the LG Styler, a steam closet like appliance that cleans, refreshes and removes wrinkles from your garments without the use of harsh chemicals, I was eager to participate. In my line of work, it’s an indispensable wardrobe styling tool. It’s been a real game changer for me personally.”

The LG Styler features a sleek, modern design that suits any décor and easily integrates into a dressing room, walk in closet or laundry room. Fill the reservoir with water, plug it in and it’s ready to go. The device is ideal for refreshing suits, jackets, sweaters and evening wear. The sleek control panel lets you choose the ideal setting and even has the ability to download custom cycles using your smartphone thanks to LG’s NFC Tag-on technology.

The LG Styler TrueSteam feature works in combination with a moving hangar rack to steam, remove wrinkles and refresh the most delicate clothing items. It also has the power to sanitize, reduce odours and helps to eliminate common household allergens. An aroma kit enables the user to give items a freshly laundered fragrance. It also gently dries garments and expertly creates a crisp pants crease.

“The LG Styler allows me to refresh garments and deal with the long wait times of dry cleaning,” says Lopez. “Additionally, like most people, my clients and I are health and environment conscious, so if there is a way to minimize use of and exposure to harsh chemicals used by most dry cleaners – that’s a big incentive.”

In her role as ambassador for the LG Styler, Sophie Lopez will share her fashion trend insights and pro styling tips and tools with Canadians. She will be conducting several media appearances and will be featured in several videos which will be shared through LG Canada’s social media channels.

“As one of the most coveted Hollywood stylists Sophie Lopez knows about clothing and trend-setting fashion,” says Katrina Dominic, Senior Brand Manager, Home Appliances, LG Electronics Canada. “Sophie really put the LG Styler to the test and could make an impact in the high fashion world of celebrity styling. Having a great wardrobe is one thing, properly caring for it is another.”

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