Vancouver’s Bobs & Lolo Release Educational App to accompany their popular song ‘Run Salmon Run’

Award winning Canadian musicians Bobs & Lolo bring their lyrically written and beautifully illustrated “Run Salmon Run” children’s book to life with an educational app that teaches children about the lifecycle of Pacific Salmon. Produced in partnership with Turtlebox Productions with funding from Creative BC, the app includes curriculum-based factoids from the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans primary level educational programs. Children are able to expand their knowledge as well as enjoy vibrant visuals, dynamic and musical storytelling and interactive elements.

App is available on iTunes under Run Salmon Run with Bobs & LoLo or go to for a direct link to app.

Features Include:

• The Run Salmon Run song as heard on Bobs & LoLo’s 2016 JUNO nominated album Dirty Feet

• The full-length official music video for the Run Salmon Run song

• Strum and sing-a-long guitar chords and lyrics for the Run Salmon Run song

• An interactive Lifecycle Game to reinforce learning

• Pop-up features in Learn Mode with fun fish facts about Pacific Salmon

• In Real Life images of the lifecycle stages of Pacific SalmonNo in-app purchases

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