Vancouver Engagement Expo at Museum of Vancouver – April 5 – 6, 2013

Vancouver Engagement Expo at Museum of Vancouver - April 5 - 6, 2013

CityStudio puts a ring on Vancouver with Engagement Expo, April 5 – ­6, 2013. Events take place at a variety of venues from the Museum of Vancouver and along the seawall to the CityStudio offices under the Cambie Street Bridge. Highlights include a community long table dinner, workshops and tours around Vancouver, and launches of current CityStudio projects that contribute to Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan goals.

“The CityStudio Engagement Expo is an opportunity for students, faculty, City staff, and community members to connect around Greenest City initiatives in Vancouver,” says Dr. Janet Moore, CityStudio Co­Director. “Part of being a hub for leadership is showing how our projects impact local communities and Vancouver as a whole.”

“We are very excited to launch five new projects from the CityStudio Core Course during the Engagement Expo,” says Duane Elverum, Co­Director. “That brings our core studio project count on the ground to 18 since we started in 2011.” The current projects range from publicly accessible bike repair stations to gardens encouraging pollinating insect habitat to revitalizing park space. Saturday, April 6, features workshops and tours of the projects managed by the students.

The Student Project Showcase at the Museum of Vancouver features dozens of projects from CityStudio’s Partner Course Network. “This semester we have 15 courses all contributing to the Greenest City Goal of zero waste and the concept of deconstruction in Vancouver,” says Lena Soots, CityStudio Coordinator. “The projects help demonstrate what’s possible and provide students with opportunities to contribute to real projects in meaningful ways.”

The Expo ends with the At The Table dinner where City of Vancouver staff and influential Vancouverites are expected to attend and discuss Vancouver’s Greenest Action Plan with community members. “Food connects us in so many ways, it’s a major component in our studio and a natural way to bring people together and talk about how our green initiatives are progressing.” said Elverum about the long table dinner. “However, you won’t have to take notes. Just enjoy the food, the company and the conversation.”

Tickets for the dinner are $20 and available at the CityStudio website (

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