Thanksgiving at The Irish Heather Long Table Series – October 7 – 8, 2012

Thanksgiving at The Irish Heather Long Table Series - October 7 - 8, 2012

Celebrate Thanksgiving this Sunday October 7th and Monday October 8th at the Irish Heather with a traditional turkey feast, as part of their popular Long Table Series. Located in the heart of historic Gastown, the Irish Heather stands out as a beacon of authenticity with beautiful exposed brick walls decorated with original Guinness posters from the 1950s.

The Irish Heather Long Table Series brings together those who share a common love for food, and creates a comfortable and affordable dining experience. Gather close family and friends this Thanksgiving long weekend for a sumptuous feast, hand-crafted by Executive Chef Paul Haldane. For $18 (plus tax and gratuities) guests will enjoy sumptuous roast turkey with stuffing, Okanagan cherry relish, maple glazed sweet potatos and brussel sprouts, paired with the signature French import, Kronenbourg Blanc.

Thanksgiving dinner will be served at 7:00pm and is priced at $18 (plus taxes and gratuities). For reservations please email [email protected]. Vegetarian options are available.

The Long Table Series takes place every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at The Irish Heather, 212 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC. Reserve a spot by emailing [email protected], for $18 per person + taxes and services. The 40-foot table is a “communal” table — please sit wherever there is room. You may not know the folks beside you, but you will within 10 minutes. To view the full schedule of upcoming events visit:

The Irish Heather is Vancouver’s most authentic and traditional Irish pub with wallpaper hand made in Ireland, floors made of Guinness barrels reclaimed from the Guinness brewery in Ireland, original Irish period posters and the best Guinness pour in town. Located in the heart of historic Gastown, this gastropub has garnered many accolades for its service, food, drinks and ambiance. In a world filled with “Plastic Paddy” establishments, the Heather stands out as a beacon of authenticity. A true Irish House that is owned and operated by Irish people.

The Irish Heather
212 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC

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