Nitro Circus Live Tour: Action Sports Spectacular

Nitro Circus is not your ordinary circus. There’s no dancing bears and elephants. Nitro Circus is an action sports collective. Since 2010, 17-time X Games medalist Travis Pastrana and 40 of the world’s best action sports athletes had been traveling around the world to sold out arenas.

Nitro Circus Tour 2015 1

On Sunday, Nitro Circus kicked off the West Coast leg of the tour at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. It was sold out show with 16,000 cheering fans. We witnessed the very best in FMX (freestyle motocross), BMX & skate stunts.

Nitro Circus Tour 2015 4

It was a pyrotechnic spectacular with back flips, front flips, hart attacks and kiss of deaths.

Nitro Circus Tour 2015 5

There was kayak, scooter, roller skate, ski & snowboard. Anything they can put wheels on it, they will try to jump it on a 50 foot ramp. They used “The Slingshot” to propelled the riders from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. That’s faster than most sport cars.

Nitro Circus Tour 2015 8

With a partnership with Sony Action Cam, each athletes were given 4K action camera to capture every moment.

Nitro Circus Tour 2015 9

Here’s a POV video of Ryan Williams doing a BMX front flip.

Before the show, we interviewed Travis Pastrana about the evolution of Nitro Circus, process of creating a new stunt and partnership with Sony Action Cam.

For 2016, Nitro Circus is coming to Europe with stops in Stockholm, Munich, London and Paris.

Photos provided by Sony Canada.

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