National Coffee Day Giveaway: Folgers

International Coffee Day Giveaway Folgers

There’s no doubt Canadians enjoy a morning java to help kick-start their day – in fact 65 per cent of Canadians drink the hot bevvy every day making it the most popular beverage in the country according to the Coffee Association of Canada. To celebrate National Coffee Day, September 29th, who better to talk about the love affair Canadians have with their morning cup than an iconic brand that has been around for 165 years. As the all-time expert in waking up millions, Folgers has commissioned a survey to help put the spotlight on what coffee means to Canadians – here are some highlights:

  • ‘Wake Up’ Priority #1: For 44 percent of British Columbian’s, drinking a cup of brew is the first thing they do when they wake up. The morning shower, getting dressed and looking at the phone can wait until after the coffee’s been enjoyed. What’s more – women (39%) vs. men (33%) say it’s the first thing they do.
  • The Morning Optimists: Albertans take top spot (at 33%) in stating their morning coffee experience makes them feel ready and excited to face the day.
  • One Hot Bevvy!: The average Canadian drinks 2.6 cups of coffee a day and the majority drink dark or medium roast brews (44% dark and 47% medium).
  • The Jingle Reigns: 30 per cent of Canadians shared that ‘The Best Part of Wakin’ Up’ jingle first comes to mind when they think of Folgers. Perhaps not too surprising considering the 1984 campaign introduction has been the brand’s most successful campaign ever (contributed over $1 billion in sales).


To celebrate National Coffee Day, we are giving away a Folgers prize pack ($100 value)

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    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

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    Folgers IS the best part of waking up!!!! I like my Folgers hot, black, and straight from the carafe!

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    Happy 165th Birthday Folger’s Coffee! Always a special treat to drink my awesome cuppa Folger’s coffee!

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