Living the New Economy – November 19 – 25, 2012

Living the New Economy

Money. Is there anything in our lives that creates more fear, joy, security, insecurity, generosity, greed, separation or cooperation? Whether you feel like you have enough of it or not, money seems to influence much of what we do, think and feel. And global economic trends seem to keep the ground moving under our feet.

How do we get off this roller coaster? Are there other ways of exchanging value — our energy, talents, passion and creativity — that support our needs, nurture the community and are harmonious with the environment? What are the specific opportunities, skills, resources, and strategies that we can engage now to build a sustainable, healthy economy?

If you have an idea, project or enterprise that fits within this paradigm, then Living the New Economy is where you want to be this November. This week of events, Nov 19-25, will energize, accelerate and celebrate the people, institutions and collaborations that are bringing the New Economy to life.

This event is a grand hands-on experiment about the new economy. Find new collaborations and project partners, accelerate your work, tune your work to align with your values, be inspired by the ideas of others and unearth new ideas of your own. If you are misemployed, underemployed, or unemployed, Living the New Economy will expand your idea of what is possible.

Anchor speaker Charles Eisenstein will set the tone and open the conversation for the week drawing from his work for the book Sacred Economics, a lucid, clear and practical discussion of the history, issues and resolutions of our current economic state.

Living the New Economy is hosted by the Healing Cities Institute – a not-for-profit society dedicated to making cities places that enhance our physical, social, mental and spiritual health. Much of the Institute’s focus is on the importance of physical place, such as those things being explored in the program’s design charrette and walkshop. Since cities are made up of people and few things impact our social and mental health more than money, exploring ideas for different dimensions and approaches to the economy is key to the diversity, sustainable prosperity and health of any community.

7 Days of Events – converging ideas, resources, and people to help you thrive in the New Economy.

Join other entrepreneurs, enterprises, passionate citizens and community partners in a week of amazing ideas and exciting opportunities, all under one roof!

Date: November 19 – 25, 2012

Location: Performance Works, Granville Island, 1218 Cartwright Street, Vancouver

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