Jeff Topham – Liberia 77

Check out our interview with Jeff Topham, documentary filmmaker, about his recent film, Liberia 77.

“Liberia in the 1970s was a childhood paradise for brothers Jeff and Andrew Topham. Endless beaches, thick jungle – even a pet chimp. Their father worked for a Canadian company that made explosives for the Liberian mining industry, and also took thousands of photographs – recording not only his ex-pat family’s African experience, but also a country and a people on the edge of destruction. A bloody coup d’etat and two brutal civil wars would soon devastate the nation. 30 years later, and now both photographers themselves, Jeff and Andrew return to Liberia to revisit and re-shoot their childhood Eden.”

Liberia 77 will be screening at the Projecting Change Film Festival (PCFF) on Friday, April 26 at 9:00 pm.

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