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Chowmenow and Shop West 4th have partnered up for Feast of Fourth, an annual event in Kitsilano that showcases restaurant, specialty food, and beverage purveyors.

Participating Chowmenow Feast for $5 Restaurants & Merchants:

COBS Breads
2320 West 4th
Pastries (sweet and savoury)

Gypsy Rose Cafe
Cinnamon sugar crepe for $4.95

Terra Breads
2380 West 4th
Pastries & baked goods (sweet and savoury)

Blue Star Japanese Bistro
1935 West 4th
Maki Sushi – 21 rolls $4.95 and under
9 cones for $3.95 or less

Hi Nippon Japanese Restaurant
2274 West 4th Avenue
Appetizers $3.75-4.75
Ex: agedashi tofu, crab meet karaage, tako wasabi, chicken yakatori, pumpkin karake (may be good for a “Fall” theme)
Gyozas – pork and veg are $4.50
Appetizer tempura (1 pc prawn, 2 pcs veg $4.25
Rolls all under $4.50
Katsu (chicken, pork, tuna) $4.50

Lucky’s Doughnuts
2198 West 4th Avenue
Coffee & doughnut for $4 (may be a good end to the tour)

1903 West 4th Avenue
Half sandwiches $5
All salads $3.25
Protein slads $5

Jitters Caffé
1966 West 4th Avenue
Chili $4.50
Baked goods $4 and under

Whole Foods
2285 West 4th Avenue
Prepared section & bakery, lots of choices under $5

1958 West 4th Avenue
Soup of the day with bread $5

2050 West 4th Avenue
Large scoop frozen yogurt $4.49 to 4.79
Smoothies $4.26
Yogi Juice $3.49

Indian Oven Restaurant
2006 West 4th Avenue
Indian Desserts: Kheer, Gulab Jamnun, Mango Ice Cream, Rasmala – your choice $3.99
Indian Quesedilla – $4.99

The August Jack
2042 West 4th Avenue
Cheese Tastings – $4 per cheese (min. 2 cheeses) includes in-house made chutney, wine jelly & crustini
available after 5pm

Ayoub’s Fruit & Nuts
2048 West 4th Avenue
$5 will get you a 1/2 lb of any nuts, seeds or dried fruits & veggies in the store!
A sample box of sweets – $5

Rowan’s Roof
2340 West 4th Avenue
Apple Pie, Cheesecake or Brownie Dessert – $5
Pints of R&B IPA or Granville Island Winter Ale – $5 each
available after 4pm

Buen Cafe
2350 West 4th Avenue
Fresh-roasted organic coffee direct from South America – $2 per cup
organic Swiss chocolate bars – $3-$5 each

Pirate Joe’s
2348 West 4th Avenue
An entire store filled with authentic Trader Joe’s products – most under $5!
The world’s greatest chocolate bar, organic salsa chips, flax-seed soup – all under $5 each

New Apple Market
2344 West 4th Avenue
Grape Tomatoes (454g) – 2 for $5

Purdy’s Chocolates
2196 West 4th Avenue
Spend your $5 in our chocolate case – mix & match individual pieces!
Chocolate bars – 3 for $4.75
Fall Pumpkin Chocolate Lollypops – $2.95 each

Browns Social House
2296 West 4th Avenue
Key Lime Pie – $4.95
$4 drinks all day

Culprit Coffee
2028 Vine Street
Any Coffee, Tea or Beverage in our cafe is less that $5!
(Almost) every one of our 100% gluten-free pastries are under $5 – take your pick!

Market Meats
2326 West 4th Avenue
1 lb. of local, grass-fed extra lean ground beef – $5

7 Seas Fresh Seafood
2328 West 4th Avenue
Salmon Burgers – 2 for $5
Panko-crusted Crab Cakes – $3.99 each
Shrimp & crab-stuffed salmon pinwheels – $4.99 each
Crab-stuffed mushrooms – $4.95 each
Tuna pot pie – $3.95 each
Sockeye salmon in Filo pastry – $4.95 each

Simpatico Restaurant
2222 West 4th Avenue
Avgolemono OR Fasolada Soup – $5

2230 West 4th Avenue
Pot of tea – $5
Tea Latte – $4.50
Hot Tea/Iced Tea – $3

Burgoo Bistro
2272 West 4th Avenue
pint of Whistler IPA Cleansing Ale – $5 all day Saturday!

Connie’s Cook House
2135 West 4th Avenue
Vegetarian Spring Rolls – $2.95

O5 Rare Tea Bar
2208 West 4th Avenue
Plenty of exquisite rare tea options – all under $5!
Beverages: Matchas hot, chilled Hibiscus, chilled White Moonlight, Silver Needles Infusuion
Specialties: pumpkin spice chocolate mousse, Green Tea Chia, Raw Cocoa Chia
Hot Teas: White Moonlight, Pu Er Coin, casked aged Ghorka, Darjeeling Tea, Golden Curls, Assam, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Peppermint, Grand Fir Needle

The Noodle Box
1867 West 4th Avenue
Cambodian Spring Rolls – $5

Romers Burger Bar
1873 West 4th Avenue
All Little Salads on the menu $4-$4.50
Fresh-cut Sea Salt Fries – $4.50

Vibes Japanese Restaurant
1947 West 4th Avenue
All appetizers on the menu are under $5 each!
9 Nigiri Rolls priced under $4 each
14 Maki Rolls under $5 each
7 Sushi Cones priced under $4 each

Sushi Bella
2059 West 4th Avenue
Sunomono, Takoyaki, Gyoza, Potato Croquette, Edemame, Warame, Gomaae – all under $5 each
Nigiri Sushi – $1.50-$4.00

The Candy Aisle
2083 West 4th Avenue
Candy Grab Bags – $4.99 each!

Yummy Restaurant
1980 Pine Street
$2.99 All-Day Breakfast – bacon, eggs, potato & toast! Best breakfast on the West Side!

Pepitas Restaurant
2015 Burrard Street
$5 Taquitos, Potato Bravas for $3.95, and chips & salsa for $3.50

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