Effective Networking for Entrepreneurs & Professionals: From Rookie to Pro

Effective Networking for Entrepreneurs & Professionals From Rookie to Pro

Do you feel that you’re wasting your time at networking events or not getting any results from these?

Would you like to find people who will buy your product or service whenever you go to networking events?

Would you like to take your networking efforts to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I have great news for you. On November 30th master networker George Verdolaga is holding a workshop on how entrepreneurs & professionals can use effective networking as the best marketing tool for their business.

Most people go to several networking events for few months and never get any clients from their efforts and give up. But few who know the secrets of how to use effective networking as part of their marketing strategy build their businesses successfully just by using networking and not spending a dime on advertising.

This workshop is designed to give you all the tactics and strategies that you need to utilize networking as a real marketing tool.

As Hello Vancity, you can get your ticket for this action packed half day workshop for only $77. To find more info and reserve your seat go to http://www.georgeverdolaga.com/nov30event and use promo code “jcoffer” to receive your discount and get your ticket.

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