Douglas Coupland 3DCanada in Simons

From 2015 to 2017, Douglas Coupland, renowned Canadian novelist and artist, is traveling to 7 cities across Canada to scan Canadians at various Simons locations. 3DCanada is a first of its kind crowdsourced art initiative. Throughout the tour, Coupland will scan more than 1,500 people. Coupland will unveiled the finish project with a sculpture made of thousands of 3D printed busts at the future Yorkdale Simons store in 2019.

This weekend, November 13 – 14, meet Douglas Coupland & get experience of being scanned at the brand new Simons Park Royal store in North Vancouver. You can take home your own 3D printed bust. Each 3D busts are printed on site & will be 5cm tall.

“3D printing is changing the way we create, build and design almost everything,” says CEO Peter Simons. “We invite Canadians to experience the technology and join us in capturing a moment in Simons’ history.”

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“3DCanada is a cross-country portrait of Canadians 150 years into nationhood,” says Coupland. “What do we look like now and where are we going with technology? 3DCanada will present a glimpse of what a group portrait can look like in the 21st century.”

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The remaining 3DCanada tour dates are:

Square One, Mississauga, ON – Spring 2016

Rideau Centre, Ottawa, ON – Fall 2016

The Core, Calgary, AB – Spring 2017

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