Curb Your Appetite: A Street Food Taste Test – City of Vancouver Ideas Forum

Curb Your Appetite A Street Food Taste Test - City of Vancouver Ideas Forum

Talk Street Food – An Ideas Competition!

In 2010, City of Vancouver asked you what food you wanted to see on the streets of Vancouver, and they got an amazing response. This year, they are asking again—and your direct input will be made available to the next round of Street Food hopeful applicants.

For 2012, the City of Vancouver will be holding, ‘Curb Your Appetite: A Street Food Taste Test’ as part of the street food selection process. Three lucky people participating in this Ideas forum will be randomly chosen to sit on the judging panel and weigh in on which street food makes the cut.

The City of Vancouver aims to be a leader in encouraging more diverse, nutritious street food that supports the local food economy and enlivens our streets.

In this community, you can submit ideas, vote on existing ideas, or add comments.

This ideas and voting opportunity closes Sunday, January 22nd at Midnight. Spread the word!

How does it work?

  • Users submit their ideas.
  • Our community discusses and votes for ideas.
  • The best ideas bubble up to the top.

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