Baker’s Market Vancouver

Bakers Market

The Baker’s Market will be held indoors at the brand new waterfront Creekside Community Recreation Centre in the Olympic Village.

Come with your date or your family for a stroll in the Olympic Village, along the sea wall and munch on delicious baked goodies (make sure to bring your Olympic sized tummies) while enjoying the picturesque skyline of Vancouver. Support your local community bakers by indulging in their craft. Pre-order your Xmas and holiday baked goodies too.

If you have a “sweet tooth”, this is the place for you. Inspired by traditional farmers markets in Vancouver, this market is even better since it is indoors with lots of free parking too.

You’ll find talented budding, professional or home bakers selling fresh artisanal breads, soft German pretzels, butter croissants, chocolate croissants, cupcakes, yummy cookies, hand made chocolates, brownies, Belgian Liege waffles,vegan cupcakes, mini bundt cakes, muffins, gluten-free baked goods and much more!

Baker’s Market was conceived by Happy Chipmonk Productions which consists of a husband and wife team that has been working together since 1999. The wife is the “ideas” person and the husband is the “get things done” person. Together they have built several successful businesses that they are passionate about.

Baker’s Market Vancouver came to exist because they felt there are so many talented bakers and artisans in the Vancouver community who do not have a venue and opportunity to sell their delicious baked goods. The market started in October 2009 with just a handful of vendors…

  • moms with a flair for decorating cookies
  • professionals by day – bakers by night
  • family businesses

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