20th Annual Wellness Show – February 17, 18 & 19, 2012

20th Annual Wellness Show - February 17, 18 & 19, 2012

This “©year’s”© Wellness Show marks “©their Twentieth”© Anniversary,”©and “©takes “©place”© February”© 17″19, “©at”© the”© Vancouver”© Convention”© Centre. “©The “©Wellness”© Show”© includes”© exhibitors,”© speakers, “©workshops,”© fitness “©and”© cooking “©demonstrations, “©lots “©of yummy “©food”© samples, “©and “©amazing “©contests, “©all “©on “©a “©variety “©of “©wellness “©topics, “©all “©under “©one “©roof.

This”© year’s”© show “©includes:

Celebrity”© Cooking”© Stage: “©Pino”©Posteraro,”© Cioppino’s;”© Ken”©Nakamo,”© The “©Rosewood”© Hotel”© Georgia;”© Ned”©Bell, The”©Four”© Seasons;”© Jennifer”© Peters,”© Raincity “©Grill; “©Robert”© Erikson,”© Central “©Bistro;”© Antonio”© Cerullo,”© Choices Markets;”© Kris”© Kabush,”© Hart”© House”© Restaurant;”© Hidekazu”© Tojo,”© Tojo’s;”© and”© special”© guest,”© Julie”© Van Rosendaal, best”selling”© author,”© Spilling”© the”© Beans.

Demonstration”© Stage:”© Square”© Dancing,”© Sufi”© Whirling,”© Speedmonton”© (Speed”© Badminton),”© Pliates,”© Pole
Walking,”© and”© the “©ever”popular”© Shimak’s”© Bollywood “©Workout.

Living”© Well”© Stage:”© “Brainology””© by”© Niv”© Harris,”© “Health,”© Fitness”© and”© Aging””© by”© Infofit,”© “The”© Path”© to Phenomenal”© Health,”© High”© Energy”© and”© Improved”© Well”Being””© by”© Sam”© Graci,”© “Humor”© for”© Health””© by Monique “©Hurteau “©and “©Lorne “©Cardinal “©(Corner “©Gas) “©and “©much,”© much “©more, “©including”© Master”© Zhi “©Gang”© Sha.

Women”© and”© Wellness”© Stage:”© “Everything”© You”© Need “©to “©Know”© about”© Hormones,””© by “©Lorna “©Vander Haegen, “Mastering”© Menopause,””© by”© Bev”© Maya”© and”© Gilly”© Thomas,”© and”© “Healing”© Depression”© and”© Anxiety Holistically,””© by”©Dr. “©Divi “©Chandna.

Workshop”© Stage:”© “Fat”© Loss”© for”© the”© 21st Century,””© by”© Infofit,”© “Meditation”© Made”© Easy,””© by”© Kiana”© Holland, “Pain “©Management,””© by “©Dr. “©Heidi “©Rootes,”© and “Practical”© Tools”© to”© Manage “©Stress,””© by”© Dr. “©Divi “©Chandna.

Tea”© Garden:”© NEW”© this”© year!”© Tea”tasting”© sessions”© with”© experts,”© as”© well”© as”© information”© and”© tastings”© of medicinal”©and “©Roibos”© teas,”©a “©Morocan tea “©ceremony, “©and”© a “©workshop “©to “©learn “©how”© to “©create “©your “©own”© tea blend.

The”© Show”© also”© features”© Pet”© Wellness,”© Cheese”© Tastings”© from”© The”© Dairy”© Farmers”© of”© Canada, massage, shiatsu”© and”©reflexology, “©and “©a “©kids “©play”© area”© set”©up “©by “©Gymnastics “©BC.

Date and Time
Friday, February 17, 2012
12 noon to 8 pm
Saturday, February 18, 2012
10 am to 7 pm
Sunday, February 19, 2012
10 am to 6 pm

Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building Exhibit Hall B & C
999 Canada Place Vancouver BC

Ticket Prices
$16.00 General Admission
$14.00 for Seniors (65+) & Students
$6.00 for Children 6-15
FREE for Children 5 Years & Under
$30.00 3 Day Pass

For more information, please visit: http://www.thewellnessshow.com/

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