100th Anniversary PNE Parade

PNE Parade Map

The 100th Anniversary PNE Parade will take place on Friday, August 20th at 7pm, the night before the Fair opens.

The one-time special event will see 100 years of PNE magic travel along the picturesque Beach Avenue in English Bay from Stanley Park to Sunset Beach. Part of the city-wide celebration of the 2010 PNE, this parade will be unlike anything ever seen in Vancouver – paying tribute to all the special memories and highlights of the Fair’s 10 decades of history.

Featuring giant parade balloons, similar to those seen in famous parades around the world like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and a cast of more than 2000 performers, this parade will get the party started for the Fair’s 100th Anniversary.

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  1. @Rick: Awesome photos of the parade.

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