2018 Toyota Mirai at Vancouver International Auto Show

Toyota Canada introduced the all new 2018 Toyota Mirai at Vancouver International Auto Show. It is world’s first mass produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. As part of Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, the company aimed to reduce vehicle COâ‚‚ emissions by 90 percent and will offer customers a wide array of alternative fuel vehicles from hydrogen, electric and plug-ins.

“Mirai” means “future” in Japanese and the Mirai is the future of sustainable transportation.

Hydrogen is one of most abundant element in the universe. The Mirai’s fuel cell stack combines hydrogen gas with oxygen to produce electricity that powers the electric motor. It emits zero emission only water vapors. The fuel cell stack is rated at 114 kilowatts (153 horsepower). It can accelerate from of 0 to 100 km/h in 9.0 seconds.

It takes five minutes to re-fuel and will have range of 483 kilometres (300 miles) on a full tank.

The Mirai is currently only for sale in Japan, California and some part of Europe.

Check out the full range of 2018 Toyota hybrid vehicles at the 97th Vancouver International Auto Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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