Amielle Lake – Tagga Media Inc.

Amielle Lake, CEO of Tagga Media Inc.

Amielle Lake is the CEO and co-founder of Tagga Media Inc, a company focused on delivering relevant and effective mobile marketing tools to professional marketers across North America. Tagga’s Agency Platform enables advertising and marketing agencies of all sizes to create and deploy a range of mobile marketing campaigns without having to manage carriers, hire specialized staff, or invest in hefty upfront fees for carriers and staff.

Amielle currently sits on the boards for MMA Canada, NextMedia, and Kids Up Front. Prior to founding Tagga, Amielle held a range of executive marketing and corporate development roles across the software, financial services and mining market sectors. Amielle also holds an MBA and B.A and is a published author.

Her book, The Elephant Hunters, is about how social interactions determine outcomes in the financial world. It was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2008.


Amielle Lake

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