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Eat Your Words, Vancouver! Wally’s Burgers

“I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face.” ~ Scarlett Johansson

Eat Your Words, Vancouver! Wally's Burgers

Some say that when you want to gauge a good burger, it all comes down to one thing: the beef. Then there are the folks that argue it’s about the supporting role of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and other condiments to enhance and compliment. Others attest it’s the outside that counts; the softness of the bun and its ability to absorb each flavour is the defining factor.

If you ask us, it simply comes down to the aftermath. You know you’ve had a good burger when once that last and final bite has been swallowed, you survey the evidence. Are there a few more grease stains on you ‘eating shirt’? (C’mon, we know you have one). Some juice that’s trickled down your forearm and stopped at the crease of your elbow? And of course the most important, how much of it now resides all over your face? If you’re going to eat a burger, you better eat it right. Sleeves rolled up, elbows out, reserve napkins ready. Well said, Scarlett.

In our culture of tweets and RSS feeds, we rarely take the time to slow down, which is evident in how the burger has evolved from a backyard BBQ to a fast food factory. So when there’s someone out there that’s sticking to tradition, we can’t help but notice.

In the old days, your life was predetermined. Your last name defined your trade, your family’s livelihood. Sticking to what you know and doing it well, passing tradition from generation to generation. A skill set that’s been born, bred, and embedded into a family, so much that it becomes their identity, their signature. Your destiny mapped out, your passion instilled from conception.

Eat Your Words, Vancouver! Wally's Burgers

For Wally, that passion is burgers.

An independent family owned and operated burger house, it makes sense that they re-opened two locations in Killarney and North Vancouver, a family-focused area where they can pass on their skill set in each locally handcrafted burger. From the bun to the patty, Wally and his family keep the tradition of quality at its highest for over 50 years in the Vancouver community.

And there’s more ways they’re keeping it old school, most notably their prices. From the traditional Wally to the Mushroom Swiss Burger, you’re looking at $3 to $5. That’s a local baker making the bun, a local butcher forming the patties, and a local family grilling it up for you and your loved ones all for under a blue note. Now that’s a serious #ChowFind.

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2661 East 49th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5S 1J9

New Westminster
#112, 810 Quayside Drive
New Westminster, BC V3M 5V4

North Vancouver
4131 Dollarton Hwy (Cates Park)
North Vancouver, BC

Photo Credit: Vancouver ObserverVancouver Bites!


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