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Eat your words, Vancouver! Say Cheeeeeeese – La Grotta Del Formaggio

“Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.” ~Luis Bunuel

La Grotta Del Formaggio

Though they’re hard to come by, believe it or not there are some people out there who claim not to like cheese. No really, it’s true. We don’t understand it either, but we’ve heard they exist. Probably the same people who say they don’t like wine. Or puppies. Or vacations. Or smiling.

Perhaps our confusion is based on cheese’s pure versatility, variety, and variations.  In many ways sampling cheese is like dating, only better because you don’t have to carry on pointless conversation. When it comes to cheese, there really is something for everyone. Some peak when they’re young, while others just get better with age. Certain types need fire to melt down their flavor, other kinds need nothing more than a pear and a drizzle of honey. No matter what the occasion calls for, no matter what mood you’re in, it is always the appropriate partner.

All you need is cheese.

There are plenty of places that are cutting the cheese (don’t go there) that are worth a notable mention, but when it comes to price and quality, this dairy deliciousness rarely comes cheap. Unless you saunter down to La Grotta Del Formaggio on Commercial Drive.

If you need proof that this is the place for good cheese, you could ask any Vancouverite who has stepped foot inside this establishment over the past 30 years.

La Grotta Del Formaggio

Or you could just read it in the clearly stated sign.

This cheese cave is famous for their sandwiches where the fromage choices are plentiful. Choose from Edam, Emmental, cheddar, provolone, mozzarella, havarti or boccocini between the bread, and the rest will follow its lead. From the pickled eggplant to the hot capicollo, become your own sandwich artist and build the perfect lunch, no matter how you slice it. And guess what, you can nosh on it all for $5 or less.

This place also offers small chunks of cheese all priced around $1.50 – $2.00, perfect for a one-person cheese plate. See, who needs a date?

Low prices, high quality. Doesn’t get any better than that.

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La Grotta Del Formaggio

1791 Commercial Drive,
Vancouver, BC V5N 4A4

Photo Credit: There is Always Room; Le Grotta Del Formaggio Facebook Page


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