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Eat Your Words, Vancouver! Bonchaz Bakery Cafe

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

Eat Your Words, Vancouver! Bonchaz Bakery

You may have guessed why we love Valentine’s Day so much. It’s the day when you can shower that special someone with affection and intoxicate them with romance. When you can drop L-bombs left, right, and centre without a second look. When you can look deep into your honey’s eyes, share your appreciation, and let them know exactly how special they are.


It’s because we like chocolate.

And other delicious treats.

And we can eat as much as we want without judgement.

Whether or not you’ve been pricked by Cupid’s arrow, you don’t need that special someone to truly take advantage of the most romantic day of the year, all you need is some loose change.

Case in point: Bonchaz Bakery.

Eat Your Words, Vancouver! Bonchaz Bakery

Think “love at first sight” is impossible? Then you’ve clearly never laid your eyes on beautifully risen pastry topped with chocolate sprinkles fresh out of the oven. Forget cruising online profiles, the only thing we need to know about these single specimens is how long it will to go from the tray to our tastebuds. But if you prefer a more thorough background check, a bon chaz is like a cross between a Mexican concha pastry and the French brioche sweet bread. A crisp golden crust with a milky soft interior made with just a hint of fresh ground coffee. Here you’ll find it stuffed with banana and walnuts, chocolate truffle (yuuuum), or the original with butter and sugar. Need we say more? Didn’t think so. We hear it’s the perfect companion for a coffee date. Invitation accepted.

Eat Your Words, Vancouver! Bonchaz Bakery

And whoever coined the phrase “eat your heart out” must have feasted on these cute little shortbread cookies available for $1.45. That’s another thing we love about this place: they are always switching it up. Split personalities may be considered a red flag, but here it’s encouraged. While you’ll never know what treats will hit the menu board, you can be guaranteed a sweet price. Ranging from $1.45 to $3.25, cheap is the key to a lasting relationship. After all, you gotta mix it up if you’re going to keep the romance alive.

Eat Your Words, Vancouver! Bonchaz Bakery

Like when you think it’s just a typical weekday and you show up to the smell of red velvet cream cheese swirl brownies baking in the oven. When was the last time your girlfriend whipped you up a batch of these ‘just cause’? Does your boyfriend even know how to turn on the oven?? We think our point has been made.

With one location on Main and the other on Hastings, Bonchaz gets around. Normally we don’t like players, but in this case we’ll make the exception. So whether you’re wearing skinny jeans, your favourite vintage flannel, and your black-rim glasses, it doesn’t matter what you look like or which indie band you’ve got blaring through your headphones. Bonchaz will love you just as you are.

While we care deeply, we’re certainly not looking for a monogamous relationship. If you’re like us and want to spread your change around, then find out where our C Eat O Aden Klein likes to get the cheap eat romance on.

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Bonchaz Bakery Cafe
426 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC
(604) 626-7215


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