Contest! Win A Bottle of Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky for Robbie Burns Day

Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Enter for your chance to win one (1) of three (3) bottles of Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky Quarter Cask.

Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1

This January 25th, 2015 marks a legendary date – famous Scottish poet Robbie Burns’ 256th birthday and the annual Robbie Burns day.

Robbie Burns Day

Affectionately known as Scotland’s favourite son, Burns has been professed as the primary inspiration to Bob Dylan and his poetry even graces the face of British currency.

What better way to celebrate this illustrious Scottish fellow than with a dram (or two) of Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch whisky? This complex and smoky Islay malt is perfect for toasting Robbie Burns Day!

Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Must be of legal drinking age. Must present valid driver’s license to claim prize.

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47 Responses

  1. Natalie says:

    Generally just need two ice cubes! But a whiskey sour is good.

  2. Laura Fukumoto says:

    Straight, duh.

  3. Jenn G says:

    I like mine with ginger ale.

  4. kam77 says:

    With some 7-up!

  5. Larker says:

    Whiskey sour

  6. Lushka Smith says:

    Is this contest open to all of Canada? Not clear about rule of presenting driver’s license, present where?

  7. Sarah Grace says:

    Irish Coffee

  8. Heidi C. says:

    Irish Coffe, for me.

  9. MIchelle S. says:

    I’m afraid I don’t know whisky but my hubby loves his whisky, he usually just does it with ice.

  10. Cynthia Dawson says:

    Whiskey sour!

  11. Pauline says:

    Whiskey sour is nice!

  12. Erin says:

    I love a properly made Whiskey Sour

  13. Tracy K Nixon says:

    A Hole in One!

  14. Flange says:

    Favourite whiskey cocktail: an old-fashioned. Classic!

  15. Guest says:

    Love Laphroaig!

  16. April says:

    Old Fashioned!

  17. laura banks says:

    satan’s circus

  18. Victoria MyLittleLBlog says:

    irish coffee is the one

  19. Sonja S says:

    Would love to try this scotch!

  20. wen nicholls says:

    my favorite whiskey cocktail is Rusty Nail :)

  21. kj19 says:

    I just like it over ice.. never had in a cocktail I don’t think

  22. judy2357 says:

    just whiskey with loads of ice, anything else and it destroys the taste

  23. Jenness Mills says:

    I love a Manhattan!

  24. fossie55 says:

    Wiskey sour
    Florence C

  25. Jolie says:

    whiskey sour.

  26. Jayne Townson says:

    I don’t drink it, but my hubby loves it with ice.

  27. williamgould says:

    John Collins

  28. Gillian Holmes says:

    John Collins

  29. Shelley says:

    My hubby is the scotch connoisseur and he would be horrified if anyone mixed anything with a good scotch.

  30. margaretimecs says:

    Rusty Nail –> Scotch + Drambuie

  31. Donald Kerr says:

    Neat. Is that a cocktail?

  32. Paul Tonsaker says:

    Just neat, thank you.

  33. Elizabeth V says:

    Old Fashion please and thank you

  34. Natalie says:

    with 2 ice cubes.

  35. jan says:

    I do like Irish Coffees and Esquires!

  36. frolicnu says:

    My fav whiskey cocktail is a Rosemary Bourbon Citrus Fizz.

  37. Eileen says:

    I like my whiskey on the rocks, with a twist.
    Rafflecopter name: Ei Leen

  38. Jules A says:

    Just on the rocks, please.

  39. ginette4 says:

    My favourite cocktail is Long Island Ice Tea!

  40. Rebby Roberts says:

    I love a Manhattan!!

  41. Donna Snugglebuns Dufresne says:

    I love long island ice tea yuu

  42. Lushka Smith says:

    On the rocks!

  43. Terri Baker says:

    I love whiskey and grapefruit juice

  44. ChrisG says:

    Straight up. I know it’s not technically a “cocktail” but ….

  45. Bryan E. says:

    Thank You for the contest… —> an Old-Fashioned

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