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Coconut, Maple and Frozen Food highlights of Grocery Showcase West 2013

Anyone else notice the ever rising popularity use of coconut in food and drinks? Here is the last installment of coconut and other highlights at April 2013′s Grocery Showcase West 2013.

Idea Group – Be Coconut Water & Seva Maple Water


Be Coconut Water works with Thailand communities for sustainable coconut water

Be Coconut Water: We learned about coconut and coconut pulp. The containers used for the coconut water are all BPA-free, and does not contain pulp. Turns out if there’s pulp in the water it would require more pasteurization, which in turn means more preservatives.
Because they are in cans it can last for 2 years and inn tetra containers for about a year or so.

Have you been keeping up with the latest hype with Maple? (I still can’t believe there are maple syrup heists going on…)

Seva Maple WaterIt’s like coconut water, but tastes lighter. Harvesting maple water reminds me of harvesting grapes for Rieslings and Ice Wine. In Quebec, the latest in UV light technology is used to harvest the water from maple trees, which can only be “tapped into” once a year.

Learn more about Seva Maple Water and Be Coconut Water on their websites >

Rockwell’s, A Family Company


Organic Coconut to sprinkle?

Today, three generations work side by side to offer an ever-expanding array of products that provide families with the essential building blocks for good health.
For an easy and quick way to add some crispy coconut flavour to your food, there’s Rockwell’s Organic Toasted Coconut Chips.

Follow Rockwell’s on Facebook >

Vita Coco Coconut water and Coco Cafe (Coffee) Latte


Yes, that’s Rihanna as a Vita Coco Cardboard Cut out. Miss Vita Coco spokeswoman.

Vita Coco Coconut WaterIf you want a celebrity-endorsed and invested coconut water brand, you can look to Vita Coco. They are known as the #1 brand in the USA for Coconut water (WSJ on the new beverage war: Coconut Water). The celebrities that endorse and have invested in Vita Coco to date include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rihanna, Madonna… the list goes on and on under their Press area. This flash-pasteurized has Japan, Korea and Canada as their next countries to conquer for coconut water dominance.

Coco CafeWe are looking forward to picking up Coco Cafe on the shelves. It’s not an iced latte, but it’s also not so coconutty. It’s a nice balance of espresso and coconut water made with natural coconut water, 1 shot of espresso, and a splash of reduced fat milk. They were featured in the Vita Coco booth at #GSW2013, as we learned after, because a “major stake has been acquired in Coco Cafe“. (Wow.)

Organika, truth in a bottle.


Organika Coconut Ami-nos, Oils and Sugar

Organika has been in business for over 23 years, and now they are continuing on to providing more to their variety of healthy food products.

Under a lot of stress, one of my bad habits was reaching over to grab candy or something sugary sweet. Lately I’ve been working hard to cut down having a lot of processed sugar in my daily diet.  I’ve been using a lot of honey instead for less sugar crashes. Another sweetening offer, Organika offers coconut palm sugar, which has a lower glycemic index. Organika has been posting recipes that uses coconut palm sugar found on their “truth in a blog”.

Need a twist on your soya sauce? There’s Organic Coconut Ami-nos… Because its soy-free, gluten free and lower in sodium.

Once the organic coconut sap is harvested, filtered and boiled to develop its signature rich colour, it is simply mixed with sea salt to create Organic Coconut Ami-nos – your new soy-free sauce. It is gluten free, soy-free and has 61% less sodium than the leading brandname soy sauce. Enjoy the bold, savoury tang of this coconut alternative in your dressings, marinades, stir frys and with sushi at a 1:1 replacement ratio for soy-based sauces.

Watch their feature with Kathy Smart ( North America’s leading gluten free expert) on Global TV >

Krinos Greek Yogurt

Feeling a little less Canadian? (Seriously… what happened to VancouKrinosYogurtLogover and Toronto this hockey season?…)
To round off the “maple” aspect of #GSW2013, Krinos was showcasing their new offering of Greek Yogurt which includes a new “maple” flavour. We took a shot of yogurt, expecting the super (at time sickly) sweet stickiness of maple.  It was light, a “wafty” essence of maple, really.

Almas Food and more


I’m just mad about saffron… tea and sesame spread. The sesame spread surprisingly was good, not too sweet or salty, it was just sesame. I was overwhelmed by the food selection, I hope to be finding these in Save-Ons or other local stores.

Lean Cuisine


Saucy, eh?

I have been hanging around the frozen aisle way too much. (I’m still keeping an eye for those Vanilla Banana Peelin’ Pops… anyone seen them yet?). While distracted by all the Nestlé iced treats, I asked if there were products that were first developed in Canada.

It may not be the most innovative of food products, however we were informed that there’s a Canadian aspect to those Lean Cuisines. Look closely on the back (or just open up that box). See the side-dish? They were aware that some people like to choose the amount of sauce they would use in their dishes, so the side dish was put together to address that need.

Dr. Oetker


Fresh from the oven, almost the ocean

As much as we are spoiled by the availability of fresh seafood and sushi on the West Coast, Dr. Oetker has a couple of new pizza flavours you may be seeing in the frozen aisle. Ready for salmon and shrimp on your Ristorante  pizza? It was really hard for me to walk away without eating the whole pizza.

EAT! Vancouver

May2008 EatVancouver by YumiangGot room for more?
Don’t miss the upcoming EAT! Vancouver on May 24, 25 & 26 at BC Place Stadium.

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