How to Succeed Faster

Have you ever felt like you could be doing more with your life? Do you ever wonder why people around you are able to achieve so much in so little time? Here’s how you can double the results from your effort:

1. Take some breaks – If you’ve just finished a tough workout session you’ll get better results if you rest for a day or two before going back to the gym, swimming pool or track. Now that I’ve just finished my 93,000 page first draft of my book I can also take a rest before going back to work on on marketing/production related stuff up until my September launch. As long as we’re alive, life’s challenges will never stop coming at us. The key is to always tackle our problems head on and to allow ourselves to recuperate and nurse our injuries before going back into the game of life.

2. Never stop improving yourself and your craft – When you’ve run a marathon, it’s a huge boost to your confidence. Once you’ve finished one, it’s hard not to keep on running. After all, what’s the point of getting fit if you’re not going to continue staying in shape? Wouldn’t you rather be confident all your life than confident for just one performance or race? Similarly, I can now write as many books as I want now that I’ve finished one and continue cultivating my reputation as a subject-matter expert.

3. Keep on reaching higher and increasing your confidence – Once you’ve overcome a major problem and increased your skill level, that’s when you increase your ability to achieve almost anything you set your mind to. While you may be good at one thing, there will always be areas in your life you can improve. While I may pat myself on the back for completing the first draft of my book, I will now have to do things that I’m not so good at – and which make me uncomfortable – so I can sell lots of books: namely, public speaking, media appearances and joint ventures with influencers who will create ‘buzz’ for my book.

You’ll discover that your dreams are just milestones in a life journey that’s composed of a series of smaller goals like getting a job, finding a life partner, buying a house, starting your own business, traveling to exotic places and becoming financially independent so that money is no longer an issue.

Every time you achieve a goal, you become more confident and move on to larger and larger goals such that your comfort zone keeps on expanding until you become completely unstoppable. At this point your dreams stop becoming empty wishes – they become powerful goals that motivate you to wake up and not stop until you achieve them.

If you’d like to learn the secret to being a leader in your profession, your industry or your local community, watch out for my book called ‘THE MAVERICK EFFECT’ coming in September.

To get the first two chapters for free, send me an email at [email protected] with the subject line ‘free MAVERICK preview’.

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